Online Church Production Meetup: April 2

Thanks for joining our April 2 call!

Who was there: @jwall, @epetruno, John Kim, @bailey, @joeldiev

In case you missed it: Watch the Zoom video call recording right here.

Topics discussed:

  • Downtime with Church Online Platform version 4 last Sunday
  • Live streaming with vMix
  • Strategies for streaming a pre-recorded service to avoid relying only on Church Online Platform’s “simulated live” feature
    • Avoiding dependence on COP by directing people to your own website instead first
      • Switching COP on/off with a redirect or DNS change
    • Simulcasting to multiple platforms at once like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your own website
  • Equipment giveaways
  • Remote show running with Livestream Studio Web Control
  • Color correction for video
  • Tour of Willow Glen Bible’s studio
  • Tour of Awakening’s studio
  • Demo of Livestream Studio on macOS
  • Do you need a dedicated GPU in a live PC build?
  • Willow Glen’s letter of travel for media volunteers who must be present to record in a studio
  • New formal social distancing protocol requirements for Santa Clara County

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If there’s something I missed, feel free to reply. If you’d like to continue the discussion on these lovely topics, please create a new topic.

See you all next week! :tada: