Welcome to The Intentional Community

We are a volunteer community helping to create intentional ministry experiences both inside and outside of the church walls.

We’re sharing with each other how to improve online services, media production, live prayer, small groups, relationship management, and anything else important to sharing the gospel and helping provide for tangible and spiritual needs.

You are invited to share what you’re learning in topics like these:

  • how we produce and mix audio
  • production equipment advice and reviews
  • using video editors
  • testimonials
  • lessons learned from things gone wrong
  • using Planning Center Forms for prayer requests
  • how to run church remotely
  • website considerations
  • videos and links to other people sharing how to make production better
  • gear available for sale or trade to other churches
  • and more like these

The community is private to members only for a brief time as we seed new topics and discussion. You are currently one of the first people invited as members. Please help this community by sharing something. We will open the doors to the public when we have some good initial content.

This community is powered by Discourse, an open source tool for creating online community. You might be interested in why this site is independent.

We literally just pulled this thing out of the driveway, so there’s probably a lot missing. If you need anything at all, please message @reid, your friendly local admin who created this place.

Thanks for joining!