Online Church Production Meetup: April 16

Share how Easter went, what you’re learning, and how we can support each other.

Topics of note:

  • Color correction with vectorscopes and camera adjustments when monitors are not calibrated
  • Desired scenic design changes
  • Using PTZ camera presets
  • New moments in Church Online Platform 4
  • Easter outages in Church Online Platform 3
  • Cross-platform streaming (we’re growing on other platforms and we’re considering a Twitch stream)
  • Using ProPresenter as a lower third with transparency
  • Alternatives to lower thirds and traditional slides
  • Collecting and reporting metrics

Inviting @bailey, @joeldiev, @epetruno, @johnfrkim, @GRACE, @jwall and all others interested! See you at noon.


Today we mostly talked about improving scenic design, color, white balance, and lighting in Awakening’s studio. We also talked about techniques used at WestGate and Willow Glen Bible to balance and color correct video.

We briefly talked about incorporating slides in video and how to better present lower third and full screen slides with video side-by-side.