How to lead a small group digitally

My pastor Chris Nye created a guide for leading small groups during the pandemic. You might find it useful as you consider how to best serve your own small group during lots of change.

The gospel message is restless, unable to be contained. Even when the church is forced to be contained, the gospel spreads. There is no way to squelch good news. We may be in a strange time right now with COVID-19, but I believe God is ready to let his good news expand like never before. And you and I get to be a part of this historic moment.

The way the early church dealt with going underground was a series of personal correspondence (letter writing) and small group gatherings. We are not living in the first century and our issue is different. Thankfully, we have tons of technology to help us with this. While we are forbidden to meet face-to-face in groups, we can meet virtually through various platforms. How might the gospel spread today through virtual means?