How did your service go this week?

After many weeks of technical glitches, we had a really good online church experience this week.

Church Online Platform version 4 had no significant issues. Vimeo was working well as usual. And we created a good countdown pre-service video with original music which started a few minutes before our Church Online service started to avoid issues with folks getting tuned in.

How did it go for you? Inviting @bailey, @epetruno, and @GRACE in particular to respond here but the topic is open to all. I’ll be praying things go smoothly as we prepare for Easter! :pray:

Hey Reid & all-
Sorry was crazy and missed last meeting. Service online for Venture went well we figured out a few things with process and hosts & less spammy in chat Sunday morning vs Sat evening and embedded a motion graphics Easter clip on our chop page. We did hear some audio issues some folks said they had connection issues but we think it’s on their end.
Really liking the invite feature on chop too so decided to push that in our communications.

Sadly the team tapes on Thursday’s so it was hard to connect for the last meeting.

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Awesome Grace! That’s encouraging and I’m glad to hear it!

We also had a few people with connection issues on Vimeo on ChOP. We simulcast to YouTube, so we directed folks there and they didn’t have a problem.

Would love to see you for this week’s Thursday call if you’re able to make it. :smiley: